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27 July 2014

S3S Invades the Parlor at KBS2014

Beautiful St. Louis at Night
In July, RCID Faculty, Students, and Alumni made a significant impression at the Kenneth Burke Society Conference 2014: Attitudes Towards Technology/Technology's Attitudes. RCID faculty Steve Katz and David Blakesley presented in sessions and hosted seminars. RCID Alumni Jimmy Butts presented at session. RCID students Data Canlas, Jay Jacobs, Kate Hanzalik, Kathy Elrick, Mari Ramler, and Matthew Osborn presented at numerous sessions.

It was an exciting and illuminating experience, as illustrated by the comments and quotes from the attendees:

"As I knew it would be, KBS 2014 in St. Louis gave me the opportunity to witness our talented RCID students putting in their oars, joining the unending conversation of history in the parlor in~ David Blakesley
grand style."  
Data gets the Dr. Ricket's Signature!
"The highlight for me: After one session featuring RCID students, a Burkeian from across the pond told me, 'You should be proud.'  I am and we are!" ~ David Blakesley
"Overall, I loved getting to see the diversity of how Burke is used, but I particularly enjoyed the panel on Burke and the Chicago Circle with Jack Selzer and Robert Wess" ~ Kathy Elrick
Ubiquitous selfie with KE and  JB.
"The shirts were cute and soft, and taco night ruled!" ~ Kathy Erick
"Thomas Ricket's keynote on Parmenides and Nietzsche was excellent. It's encouraging and inspiring to see established figures in the field not only acknowledging but featuring the aesthetic, the sensible, and the spiritual as relevant dimensions of rhetoric." ~ Matthew Osborn
"The Kenneth Burke Society charmed my socks off. Such fascinating people with such interesting presentations. Music, literature, politics, the apocalypse--we covered it all." ~ Mari Ramler
"I was impressed by the creative and astonishing ways presenters applied Burke's thought to so many aspects of art, daily life, politics, pedagogy, and technology." ~ Data Canlas
JJJ Burkeing up Augmented Reality

"As a newbie, I felt privileged to be among brilliant Burkean scholars who were so generous with their wisdom, advice and feedback." ~ Data Canlas
"This conference goes on my list of 'most memorable conferences attended.'" ~ Data Canlas
Data encountering the Arch
"I heard two different comments, which I'll have to paraphrase: 'Your students are impressive;' and 'There are so many students from Clemson here! That speaks well of your program.' I totally agree!" ~ Steve Katz

24 July 2014

S3S 2014-15 Officer Election Results

Your S3S Officers
for the 2014-15
Academic Year are:


PresidentMatthew Osborne
Vice PresidentHayley Zertuche
SecretaryJay Jacobs
Development/RSA CoordinatorKristen Gay
ArchivistA.D. Carson
RCID Advisory CouncilEric Hall and Sharon Henry
GSG SenatorsKathy Elrick and Dina Septiani
Dean’s Council RepKate Hanzalik
CRC CoordinatorLauren Woolbright

06 March 2013

S3S Day of Service, 3/2

The Society of Sophistic that is Third headed down to Anderson last weekend to build a wheelchair ramp with the friendly folks at ReWiGo Ministries.

(click photos to enlarge)

We braved a genuine South Carolina snowfall, taught our co-volunteers from Clemson Architecture graduate programs some bad Heidegger jokes, and Jared had his first Clif Bar. We had a great time and left the beautiful upstate region a little more accessible than we found it.

02 January 2013

RCID Student Publications in 2012

A selection of RCID student publications in 2012: 

Byrum, Kristie, “How (and Why) to Create A Corporate Social Responsibility Platform.” A Guide to Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR. Vol. 4. by PR News. Access Intelligence, 2012.

Colton, Jared. “Articulating a Politics of a Reticulated Community.” Review Article of Reticulations: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Networks of the Political, Philip Armstrong. Enculturation. (May 2012) Web.

Colton, Jared. Review of Inessential Solidarity: Rhetoric and Foreigner Relations, Diane Davis. Rhetoric Review, Volume 31, Number 1 (January 2012), pp. 88-92. Print.

Fancher, Patricia. “Review of Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work by Douglas Coupland” Enculturation 9:2 (2011), 21 December 2011.  

Henry, Sharon. “Guest Editors’ Introduction: Crossroads, not Cross Purposes: Contingency, Vulnerability, and Alliances in the Contemporary Writing Program.” Co-authored with Seth Kahn, West Chester U of PA and Amy Lynch-Binieck, Kutztown U of PA. Open Words – Special Issue 6.1 2012: 1-5.

Holmes, Steven. “Would Socrates Approve this Message? From Social Realism to Rhetorical 'Allegorithms' as Gaming Activism in Markus Persson's Minecraft.” Games of Words. Ed. Zachary Waggoner. Macmillan, 2012.

Holmes, Steve. “Wither Ecocriticsm in the Era of Hyperobjects?” Review of Ecology Without Nature and The Ecological Thought, by Timothy Morton. Journal of Ecocriticism (2012).

Lind, Stephen J. (2012). “Un-defining Man: The Case for Symbolic Animal Communication.” In E. Plec (Ed.) Perspectives on Human-Animal Communication: Internatural Communication. New York: Routledge.

Lind, Stephen J. (2012). “Teaching Digital Oratory: Public Speaking 2.0.” Communication Teacher 26 (3), 163-169. DOI:10.1080/17404622.2012.659193. 

McFarlane, Nicole. “Digital Memory and Narrative through 'African American Rhetoric[s] 2.0'” Review of Keepin’ It Hushed: The Barbershop and African American Hush Harbor Rhetoric by Vorris Nunley and Digital Griots: African American Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age by Adam Banks. Enculturation (2012).

Stowe, S. Andrew. “The Inherent Interdisciplinarity of Multimodal Composition” Integrative Pathways, The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies quarterly newsletter. October 2012. 

Great work, everyone!

30 December 2012

S3S December Gathering

Much fun and festivities were had at the annual S3S Christmas Party.  Jan and Cynthia were kind enough to host the festivities and the decorations were excellent.  Many Kudos to Jimmy and Lauren Butts for carrying on the tradition of making the Collamati meatballs.  After enjoying the grub and Jan’s Grog, the traditional white elephant gift exchange ensued.  Some of the favorites included 1980’s exercise tapes, a roll of bubble wrap, and a sack of onions.

02 November 2012

Halloween Costume Party!

The gang put on their best re-presentations of that which they weren't last weekend for the annual S3S Halloween Party!

Ashley, Hayley, and Lauren with munchkin accompaniment
Jimmy presents the Best Costume Award...
...to Brian and Lauren, who easily secured victory as women in binders

The spooky spectacular included but was not limited to orange rice krispy treats, corporeally interactive html5, smores, a DIY ping pong table, David Blakesley as Dexter, and Jan Holmevik as himself: a rad biker. Great thanks to our marvelous hosts, Jimmy and Lauren Butts, whose lawn decorations both confuse and delight!