31 October 2011

Meeting Extraordinary Chileans

Third-year RCID student Walter Iriarte has returned from a trip to D.C. where he visited a special exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on theChilean Mine Rescue.  Because the rescue attracted over a billion viewers (according to the current Chilean Minister of Public Works) and especially because two of the miners were known to have written poems while entrapped, Walter was drawn to the exhibit as an important piece in his current dissertation project.  Artifacts from the ordeal were on display, poems and writings sent between the miners and their families being of particular interest to Walter.  Also on display was the Fenix 2 backup capsule.

The highlight of Walter’s trip, though, was the Smithsonian Institute hosted workshop and presentation featuring Minister Laurence Golborne (organizer of the rescue mission) and Luis Urzua (the last miner to be extracted).  Before the official presentations began, Walter had the honor of interviewing both Minister Golborne and Don (Mr.) Urzua.  During the presentation, the speakers shared with the guests various stories not known to the public.  Both Golborne and Urzua also took time to discuss what critical factors contributed to their survival.  “The exchange between us was incredibly meaningful and abundant,” reported Walter.  “The experience has already initiated another project which will be in works after the dissertation.  I am very thankful for the opportunity and look forward to sharing some of the information during my oral defense."

23 October 2011

October S3S Party

 Thanks to Dr. Dave Blakesley and his family for hosting a wonderful October S3S party this past Saturday.  We had a great turnout and great food (not to mention use of the outstanding telescope, the fire-pit by the pool, and a chance to catch up with each other's family).  Check out our Facebook page for more PHOTOS.

11 October 2011

2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference - Feb. 17-18

Clemson's S3S/RCID program to host the 2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference, February 17-18. Submissions (abstracts) are due Dec. 1st by email (clemsoncrc2012@gmail.com). There will be 3 session types: Individual Presentations ("traditional" panels), Showcase Session (digital/physical "poster session"), and Works-In-Progress Roundtables.


08 October 2011

Stephen Lind passes Exams

Third year RCID doctoral candidate Stephen Lind successfully completed his Exams on September 30th.

The multi-modal component of his Exams included an exhibit of collectibles and rarities from the Peanuts franchise, followed by a presentation/defense of his proposed dissertation titled "Schulz's Religion: Exploring Faith in the Mainstream Media through the Peanuts Franchise." READ MORE about the exhibit and Stephen's dissertation plans over at the official RCID blog.