Forms for Current Students

Instructions for Travel Funding

1 - After you’ve been accepted, you need to fill out a pre-approval form. You can find that here: (Please do not edit the document directly. Copy this google doc and update with your information.)

2 - Give that form to Ann Sligh. She will discuss all requests with VV. They will make all decisions about what gets funded and how much funding is distributed.

3 - Follow up with Ann to find out the results of your funding request in no less than 2 weeks.

4 - After being approved, Ann will copy the pre-approval form and place that in your box.

5 - After the event, fill out the funding request form found here as the in-state or out-of-state form:

6 - Submit all original receipts and the funding request form to Ann and Victor within 30 days of event.

Notes on reimbursement: Ann can give you more details regarding what you can and cannot claim for reimbursement.